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What is a partnership website?
AI offers to partner with individuals or entities that want to display content on the World Wide Web. The partner provides the content of the site and AI provides the hosting and basic web design.

If it's so great why does AI need partners?
In order to a have successful website, a website needs to provide valuable information or have a "following." AI has expertise in web design, hosting and computer programming, not "understanding bird watching" etc... It's easier to partner with experts than to become one in a certain field or social niche.

How much money can I expect to make in a day?
The amount of money a site can make in a day depends on the number of visitors to the site and the number of visitors that respond to the advertisements. On average a good site with changing content can make over $200 a day.

How do both parties make money?
Both parties make money by receiving payments from advertisers who are allowed to advertise on the site.

Do I need to find the advertisers?
No, just the visitors and content. AI has reached agreements with major web advertisers and can easily locate advertisers for you.

Are there limits on content?
All content must be legal in nature. AI reserves the right to cancel website partnerships based on content that is deemed to be illegal, offensive, or against AI policy.

How do I request more information or sign up?
Requesting more information is simple. Simply fill out our free bid request page and hit the submit button. AI will contact you regarding the partnership.

Just One Example...
Below is just one of our active "per click" advertising campaigns. By clicking on the ads below right now, you are generating money for It's that simple. Good sites can earn over $200 a day! Partnership sites available!

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