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RFID readers are changing the identification source of store items, mobile devices and people. RFID readers work with RFID modules and are the new barcodes readers of the 21st century. Barcodes require you to scan the objects with lasers to provide the computer with accurate identification. RFID equipped devices and items do not require you to scan them. RFID's emit a small radio signal when activated or powered by magnetic fields. Some tests have shown that RFID can be read by powerful RFID readers from as far as 300 feet.

What products are currently being studied for RFID applications:

  • RFID Casino Chips
  • RFID Package Tracking
  • RFID Car Identifcation
  • Price Tags
  • RFID Shoplifting Systems
  • RFID Keyless Door Locks
  • Credit Card Identication
  • RFID Security Badges
  • RFID Readers
    Below are some the RFID readers products and RFID reader suppliers.

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