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AI success is based on our customers success. Our customers demand the best and we provide the best. At Automated Information we focus on expanding new technologies to help our customers.


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Latest News

RESTON, VA_______________

CEO Collaborative Forum  also known as, CEO-CF of the EU, launches a new website design coded by Automated Information.

RESTON, VA_______________

Jetsworth, Inc., A leading estimator of private jets select Automated Information to design and build new web services.

RESTON, VA_______________

AI partners with J&S Networks, LLC to provide full network design and computer support

RESTON, VA_______________

Bankers Capital Real Estate Advisors, INC select AI to integrate web loan processing software and design a new website.

Software Design

AI's internal software design programs bring expertise to your organization that no other company can supply. AI can design a custom system from scratch or add on to an existing system.

AI provides business with the power of Internet integration by utilizing the latest World Wide Web technologies. Below are examples of services that AI can integrate into your current system.

  • Complete Internal Design
  • User Requirement Determination
  • Implementation Planning
  • Project Management
  • Accounting Systems
  • Membership Systems
  • Document Tracking
  • Workflow Design
  • Remote Database Linking
  • Security Video Monitoring
  • Identity Verification - Security\Encryption
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